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Cabinet & Furniture Hardware

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- Cabinet & Furniture Hardware-

Capital Millwork offers numerous Hardware items for all of you cabinetry and door needs. We can provide you or your contractor with numerous choices ranging from traditional brass fixtures to more modern solutions featuring brushed metals and painted enamel. If you can not find what you are looking for or have something specific in mind, please contact us and we'll work with you and your designer or contractor to bring your vision to life.

Recognized by industry professionals and consumers as the go-to decorative hardware.

  • Collections include everything needed to accessorize your home, including: Cabinet Hardware, Bath Hardware, Switchplates and more.
  • Designs are a collective expression of architecture and style.
  • Each collection pays homage to a specific design motif, whether it be minimalist, classic, retro or futuristic.

Creates custom decorative hardware that reflects quality, artistic appreciation, and today’s design trends.

  • Knobs.
  • Pulls for kitchen cabinets.
  • Oversized pulls.
  • Miniature knobs.
  • Switch plates.
  • Hook.
  • Shelf brackets.
  • Offerings for any room of the home, and outdoor pieces including house numbers, door knockers, and door bell covers.

Belwith-Keeler® is a brand refined in elegance, with trend-leading cabinet hardware.

  • Inspired by the latest fashion.
  • Expert fit and finish.
  • Manufactured with the finest materials and finishes, offering unique design in a variety of lengths and finishes for the ultimate selection in cabinet hardware.

Offers a wide selection of unique decorative cabinet hardware and bath accessories.

  • German Crystal Knobs.
  • Hand crafted porcelain and ceramic knobs and pulls.
  • Polyester knobs and pulls imported from Greece.
  • Art Glass knobs and Corian Knobs.
  • Pulls.
  • Electrical plates and bath accessories.


Leader in quality and original design for cabinet hardware.

  • Designed by artists all over the world.
  • Precision die cast hardware is manufactured entirely from recycled aluminum and is an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Compatible with LEED objectives.
  • Finished by hand.
  • Created by master Atelier Edgar Berebi.
  • Includes 24k plate, Swarovski Crystal and hand rubbed finishes.
  • Statement pieces for your home.

Offers a wide selection of unique decorative cabinet pulls and knobs.

  • Manufacture process based on sustainable process.
  • Bath hardware.
  • Contemporary, American Classic, American Designer, Arts & Crafts, Rustic, & Tuscany styles. 
  • Multiple finishes available. 

Custom glass hardware designed and manufactured by artists.

  • Well made and built to last hardware.
  • Creative designs made with glass.
  • No two pieces are alike. 
  • Made in the USA.
  • Superior customer service. 

Solid brass and bronze metal to craft durable and eye-catching hardware for the discerning client.

  • Created by master Atelier Edgar Berebi.
  • Includes 24k plate, Swarovski Crystal and hand rubbed finishes.
  • Statement pieces for your home.

Leading manufacturer of interior hardware offering dominant assortments across a growing number of categories.

  • Over 100 collections to choose from with multiple finishes for each style.
  • Website offers a 3D visualize to see how the hardware will look in your space.
  •  Quality hardware and great customer service. 

Jeffrey Alexander offers over 40 design suites of knobs and pulls, each suite with 2-5 different shapes to choose from.

  • Distributed by Hardware Resources, the fastest growing manufacturer of cabinet hardware in the United States.
  • Product line includes:
    decorative cabinet hardware
  • Decorative carved wood products such as corbels, bar brackets, island legs, onlays, columns, and crown moulding.
  • Functional cabinet hardware such as hinges, drawer slides, undermount slides, full extension slides, and screws.
  • Furniture style bath vanities.

Open since 1893, Keeler has focused on transcending hardware, to produce art, heirlooms, and family treasures for the home.

  • Variety of finishes and styles for any home.
  • Quick lead times.
  • Styles for any budget.
  • Great customer service.
  • High quality hardware.

Hardware designed by award winning artist, Lewis Dolin. Bringing a world of unique styles to choose from.

  • Most well known for Glass Bin Pulls that elegantly transform the classic cup-like bin pull. 
  • Quality materials and finishes.
  • Traditional, modern and everything in between to showcase your personal style.

Stones handpicked from the shores of the Great Lakes, these rocks are created for durability.

  • Comes in a variety of stones finishes.
  • Fashioned individually with solid brass stems made in the USA.
  • Variety of sizes available.

Vintage-inspired solid brass and lead-free crystal cabinet hardware. One of the most popular manufactuers of hardware finishes.

  • Popular for over a century.
  • Old fashion crystal knobs and handles available.
  • Foundation of excellence.
  • Offers customers the option of using historically accurate mortise locks.
  • Made with real crystal.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Hardware designed for your unique home. Specializes in intricate pulls and knobs for cabinets and appliances.

  • Cast with intricate relief and hand-finished to highlight the artful motifs.
  •  Collections range from arts & crafts to victorian.
  • Timeless style and beauty.
  • Excellent craftsmanship.

Selection of cabinet hardware in the widest offer of finishes, materials and design combinations.

  • Unique creations crafted by world renowned designers and manufactured according to strict quality guidelines.
  • Great selections of kids dresser hardware.

One of the most popular hardware companies in the USA. Line includes door, cabinet, and window hardware, home accessories and much more.

  • Expertly crafted and stands the test of time. 
  • Each piece is individually cast for one-of-a-kind character, and then given a hand-applied patina that grows richer and more lustrous in response to the environment.
  • All products are cast of bronze.
  • Contains a minimum of 90% post-consumer recycled content.
  • A wide variety of styles from modern to vintage.
  • Also manufactures  door handles, allowing for cohesive selections throughout the home.

Offer a broad range of decorative hardware in ornate, contemporary, and other popular styles that fulfill any homeowner's tastes and requirements.

  • Designed, fabricated, and finished by the best craftsmen in the world.
  • Quality control is exercised at every step of the manufacturing process.
  • Solid brass decorative hardware.
  •  Custom finishes and sizes available. 

Selection of cabinet hardware in the widest offer of finishes, materials and design combinations.

  • Traditional 
  • French Country
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Tuscan and Art Deco.
  • Crafted with the finest base metals.
  • Accented with exotic inlays of Tiger Penshall, Mother of Pearl, Violet Oyster, Jade and Leather. 

Leading manufacturer of technical and decorative furniture fittings.

  • Offers a range of over 3,000 different products, combined with the willingness to cater specifically for each new opportunity.
  • Exceptional variety in shape, surface and material.
  • Articles from the most different taste worlds.
  • Permanent innovation with well over a hundred new product ideas every year.
  • Consistent top quality – technical, aesthetic and ergonomic.

Small batch handcrafted hardware made with the purest materials available.

  • Adjustable hardware line. 
  • Statement pieces that are unique and artfully created. 
  • Handmade hardware. 
  • Quality materials.
  • Great customer service. 

Pioneer in the industry, with a goal to create one-of-a-kind cabinet hardware that delivers both beauty and functionality.

  • Handcrafted hardware. 
  • Functional art. 
  • A variety of brass, stainless steel, and glass styles to choose from. 
  • Custom orders available. 

Crafted following a rich tradition of quality and attention to architectural detail.

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Over 3,000 products available. 
  • Build their company on quality, craftsmanship, and longevity. 
  • Made in the USA. 

One of a kind lines of bathroom vanity hardware. Manufactured by artists in Europe.

  • Custom colors available in any shade. 
  • Variety of styles from contemporary to transitional styles. 
  • Quick lead times. 

Hardware for the ages manufactured in the U.S.A by Anne Artist Collective

  • Offers a timeless American design suitable for both modern and traditional aesthetics.
  • The collection comprises 24 distinct collections in 9 finishes, all meticulously handcrafted and polished, catering to various cabinetry sizes and styles.
  • The architectural hardware is exclusively made in America, with copyrighted designs, available in top designer hardware showrooms across the USA and Canada.
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Elevate your doors, drawers, furniture, or appliances with fun and creative solid brass cabinet hardware.

  • Made with 100% solid brass to ensure quality and product longevity.
  • All Hapny hardware includes (2) different mounting screws to accommodate almost all cabinet door and drawer sizes.
  • Offering Cabinet Pulls and Knobs, and Appliance Knobs.

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