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Attic Stairs

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American Stairways, Inc. features the Husky Disappearing Stairway.  Our stairs feature 1-2 more treads than the competition.  More treads means easier access.  Pre-drilled installation holes, easy first step down from the attic and 9-1/2" treads.

American Stairways, Inc. also offers 2 folding aluminum stairs.  The Husky 800 and 1200 aluminum models feature easy first step down from attic for personal safety, adjustable feet with rubber tread and 350lb capacity.






Since 1909, Bessler is the original disappearing stairway.  The disappearing stairway is designed to replace the conventional folding attic ladder and is specially engineered to fit existing folding stair openings.  Constructed with solid, one piece stringers, stairs slide into the attic instead of fold for the ultimate in strength and rigidity.  Bessler stairs are made with kiln dried yellow pine, full length handrails and grade A 1-3/8" hollow core doors on most models.  Sliding stairs are fully counterbalanced for weight control to respond to the lightest touch.  Load capacities up to 800 lbs.  With angles as small as 53 degrees, you don't climb Bessler, you walk up it. 


  • Easily adjustable spring tension
  • Full-width continuous hinge
  • 1x4 frame between side rails and door panels
  • Treads dadoed and nailed into side rails
  • High grade, kiln-dried, yellow pine lumber
  • Galvanized steel hardware with safety edge
  • Steel rod under treads
  • Safety grooved treads
  • Strong steel handrails securely bolted (no splitting or splintering)
  • Clear plywood panel

     Options Available:

  • Wide tread (1x5) for extra footing on ATLAS (1x6 is standard on SUPERIOR)
  • Insulated door panel
  • Pull-down rod with eye hook
  • FSC certified plywood
  • CARB certified plywood
  • D-Blaze Fire retardant treated plywood

Husky Wood Folding Attic Ladder
Husky Wood Folding Attic Stairway

Bessler Yellow Pine Sliding Attic Stairs
Bessler Model 26 Disappearing Stairway with Full Length Handrail and 66 Degree Incline

Marwin Pull Down Folding Attic Stairs
Marwin Wooden Superior and Atlas Attic Stairways with Metal Handrail