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Moulding and Millwork

Capital Millwork offers our customers numerous moulding choices. We can provide you or your contractor with a variety of moulding and trim materials ranging from traditional wood to urethane and flexible moulding solutions.  We can help with Interior and Exterior Trim applications. 


As you continue to scroll down this page, you will note a short description and picture beside each company’s logo. If you see something you like, simply “click” on that logo and a new page will open up showing you the supplier's offerings. If you can't find what you are looking for or you have something specific in mind, Please Contact Us, and we'll work with you, your designer or contractor to bring your vision to life.

Polyurethane Flexible Moulding

Our flexible moulding catalog only represents a fraction of our total inventory of over 4,000 molds and profiles. Each piece of our polyurethane millwork is individually inspected to provide the highest quality control. The following features are the reasons why Carter Millwork flexible moulding is among the most desired composite moulding products in the building industry:

  • Polyurethane material is a strong, durable alternative to custom wood applications and polyester solutions
  • Accepts paint and stain just like wood
  • Flexible to accommodate almost any radius
  • Lifetime warranty for all flexible moulding products
  • Great value as a lower cost solution with excellent performance
The Artistry of Wood Carving
Every wood carving that we carry has been carefully designed to match either historic or contemporary architectural elements. Our vast collection of architectural woodcarvings is sure to meet any design requirements you may have.

Architectural Design of Columns
At Ekena Millwork, we can produce virtually any column design in architecture, from almost any material. This includes columns manufactured out of any species of wood, fiberglass, composite, urethane, and FRP.

The Elegance of Steel Brackets 
Steel brackets add an elegant look while also serving as countertop support.  Available in Cold Rolled Steel and Stainless Steel along with a plethora of sizes, our metal brackets are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Wrought Iron Brackets 
By using Wrought Iron, designers can create intricate patterns, not normally possible with wood. Our Wrought Iron Brackets are load-bearing and can be used to support several types of countertops including granite countertops. Choose from over 10 styles and sizes.

Rustic Wood Collection   
Offering 72 different designs, in virtually unlimited sizes, multiple wood species, and even different finishes, this is the largest and most comprehensive selection of wooden brackets, corbels, and rafter tails available in the market.  These handcrafted products are all made out of solid Cedar or Douglas Fir, and with the option of either rustic rough-sawn or smooth milled lumber, they are perfect for any type of project.  

Our molded polyurethane products are a great alternative to wood built-up crown mouldings. Some wood build-ups require 3... 4... even 5 different patterns painstakingly pieced together to form one continuous pattern.

Likewise, our ceiling medallions replace the heavy, yet fragile, plaster models that were nearly impossible to ship and certainly difficult to install.

We offer a broad range of products for interior and exterior applications. All of them resist rot, mildew, insects, checking, splintering, cracking and warping. Further, all of our factory-primed products can be painted, stained or faux finished.  Accent your home with crown moulding, medallions, domes, niches, niche caps, panel moulding, rosettes, stair brackets, corbels, chair rails, casing, shelves and other architectural elements. We also offer numerous licensed historical reproductions endorsed by the Natchez Foundation, The Victorian Society in American and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

If you're searching for a product that resists rot, mildew, insects, warping and splintering, you've come to the right place! These are just a few of the reasons architects specify urethane millwork for decorative and functional pieces to residential and commercial projects. Made of high density materials, Fypon pieces have a closed cell structure that prevents water penetration and absorption. Each piece has a consistent quality and finish, which requires no additional priming or sealing. In fact, each piece is coated at our manufacturing location with a double-primed exterior grade ultraviolet stable coating. Once products are installed, they can be painted, stained and faux finished.

Our custom moulding and our new line of VillaCrest™ Interior Doors are manufactured at our 80,000 square foot facility located in Tampa Florida. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we provide superior quality mouldings and doors that can essentially fulfill any residential or commercial project’s needs. Millwork 360 mouldings and VillaCrest doors are produced and created Built-to-Order allowing for customization, while maintaining competitive pricing.  Choose from our huge selection of fine hardwoods and softwoods for all your mouldings and specialty millwork.

Resinart original polyurethane flexible moulding
Duraflex and Xtraflex flexible mouldings have over 18,000 patterns.  Duraflex is insect proof, moisture proof, and can withstand extreme heat and cold without warpin, cracking, or deteriorating.  Duraflex can be used on the interior or exterior and can withstand any harsh environmental conditions.  Duraflex and Xtraflex mouldings are an easy and economic alternative for half round windows, arches and arcs, elliptical windows, bowed windows, ovals, curved walls, dormers, radius drywall corners, curved stairwells, round columns, to trim ceiling domes and many other radius applications.  They also qualify for the LEED Green Building Rating Systems Rewards.

Our high-end, low cost system allows you to convert your suspended ceiling quickly and easily in just a few short hours. A beautiful coffered ceiling at a fraction of the cost of real wood!

Looks like real wood, but less that 1/5th the cost.  Available in Cherry, Maple, Ash, and Mahogany looks.

The Perfect Compliment

  • Accent a new or existing drop ceiling.
  • Create a beautiful partitioned area.

Easy Fast Installation

  • No special skills required to install, quick and easy.
  • Grid tape matches ceiling panels exactly.
  • Minimal tools, minimal cleanup.
White River™ is the Leader in the Design and Manufacture of Embellished Hardwood Mouldings and Handcarved Woodcarvings for the Millwork and Kitchen & Bath Industries. We offer over 2,250 embellished profiles including mouldings, corbels, onlays, cabinet parts, mantels and more.

Carter Radius Flex Moulding
Full Round Flexible Concave and Convex Trim



Ekena Millwork Ceiling Medallion
Ekena Urethane Ceiling Medallion - Deria
Ekena Carved Wood Corbel
Ekena Wood Corbel - Acanthus Leaf
Ekena Custom Scroll Design Iron Bracket
Devon Single, Wrought Iron Bracket, (Single center brace)
Ekena Rustic Wood Raftertail
Solid Wood Rough Sawn Douglas Fir Rafter Tail. Also available in Douglas Fir.

Focal Point Molded Polyurethane Flexible Moldings,
Acanthus Medallion,Versailles Crown Moulding System, Chatsworth Chair Rail/Panel Moulding, Lotus Rosette



Fypon Urethane Decorative Molding
Egg and Dart Frieze with Dentil Crown Moulding and Decorative Corbel

Ornamental Moulding Solid Wood Decorative Trim
Doric Column, Firelight Heritage Shelf Mantel, 48" Mantel Surround, Grape Center Ornament, Fluted Pilaster Kit, Grape Cluster Ornaments, Tudor Baseboard Moulding, Ribbon and Reed Chair Rail Moulding, Acanthus Leaf/Bead & Reel Assembly Cornice, Georgian Casing Moulding

Stainable Flexible Trim Moulding
Resinart Duraflex Stained Radius Flex Casing Around a True Radius Window with Simulated Divided Light Grilles


Spectis Moulding Exterior Moulding
Turet with Composite Arch Pediment Head, Fluted Pilasters, Flexible Composite Cornice

White River Hardwood Architectural Mouldings
Acanthus Collection: Coffered Ceiling, Dome with Flex Mold, Embossed Crown Moulding, Appliques, Corbels, Panel Moldand Spindles