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Capital Millwork offers numerous Hardware items for all of you cabinetry and door needs. We can provide you or your contractor with numerous choices ranging from traditional brass fixtures to more modern solutions featuring brushed metals and painted enamels.

 As you continue to scroll down this page, you will note a short description and picture beside each company’s logo. If you see something you like, simply “click” on that logo and a new page will open up showing you the supplier's offerings. If you can't find what you are looking for or you have something specific in mind, Please Contact Us, and we'll work with you, your designer or contractor to bring your vision to life.
Atlas Logo
Atlas Homewares

Each collection pays homage to a specific design motif, whether it be minimalist, classic, retro or futuristic.   The company's impassioned designs are a collective expression of architecture and style. Inspiration can come from the texture of leather, a bauble, a piece of coral - elements that many would overlook, yet Atlas manages to envision them as the detail that will make the difference.  Collections include everything needed to accessorize your home, including: Cabinet Hardware, Bath Hardware, Switchplates and more.

Barz Decorative Hardware, LLC designs and manufactures decorative hardware including knobs and pulls for kitchen cabinets, oversized pulls and miniature knobs, switch plates, hooks, and shelf brackets for any room of the home, and outdoor pieces including house numbers, door knockers, and door bell covers.  Our company, founded by Peter Barszcz, gives customers a voice in their homes by creating custom decorative hardware that reflects quality, artistic appreciation, and today’s design trends. Inquiries about custom designs and sizes are welcome!

Belwith-Keeler Cabinet Hardware Logo
Belwith-Keeler® is a brand refined in elegance, with trend-leading cabinet hardware design, inspired by the latest fashion. Our kitchen and bath hardware collections are refined with expert fit and finish, adding only the finest to our living library of design.

Cal Crystal offers a wide selection of unique decorative cabinet hardware and bath accessories. Products include German Crystal Knobs, hand crafted porcelain and ceramic knobs and pulls, polyester knobs and pulls imported from Greece, Art Glass knobs and Corian Knobs, pulls, electrical plates and bath accessories.

Du Verre Hardware is a leader in quality and original design for cabinet hardware. Working with highly respected designers from all aspects of the design world, Du Verre has created unique design-driven collections of knobs and pulls for fine furniture and interiors. Our precision die cast hardware is manufactured entirely from recycled aluminum and is an environmentally friendly choice for professional and consumer alike. Du Verre Hardware is compatible with LEED objectives.Du Verre Hardware is finished by hand, slight variations add warmth and beauty to each piece.

Edgar Berebi Logo
This collection is created by master Atelier Edgar Berebi. Edgar Berebi 's exquisite decorative hardware includes 24K plate,  Swarovski Crystal and hand rubbed finishes.  Each masterpiece is the union of the artist's imagination with the meticulous skill of a master craftsman.

Emtek Logo - Cabinet Hardware

Transform the cabinetry in your home with Emtek's Cabinet Pulls and Knobs. We offer a wide selection of Cabinet Pulls including finishes such as Brushed Stainless Steel and Flat Black, and Satin Nickel amongst others.

Grace White Glass is a group of accomplished Michigan artists who bring a refreshing and sophisticated look to decorative hardware. We have been manufacturing custom cabinet hardware since 2004. We are passionate about our products and sincere in our belief that quality, value and customer satisfaction are key to good business. Our goal is to provide you with a superior and exciting product in a timely manner

Hamilton Sinkler uses solid brass and bronze metal to craft durable and eye-catching hardware for the discerning client. Whether in hospitality, high-end commercial venues, or residential properties, our hardware evokes a sense of refinement and tactile delight. Each item comes in a variety of finishes and functions to suit any décor.

Hickory Hardware is one of the fastest growing and most innovative brands in the hardware marketplace. We believe our brand stands alone and is redefining this growing market. Hickory Hardware is positioned as a lifestyle brand and design authority, offering dominant assortments across a growing number of categories.

Jeffrey Alexander offers over 40 design suites of knobs and pulls, each suite with 2-5 different shapes to choose from.  It is distributed by, Hardware Resources, the fastest growing manufacturer of cabinet hardware in the United States. The diverse product lines include: decorative cabinet hardware; decorative carved wood products such as corbels, bar brackets, island legs, onlays, columns, and crown moulding; functional cabinet hardware such as hinges, drawer slides, undermount slides, full extension slides, and screws; and furniture style bath vanities.

1893 is the year that the Keeler Brass Company first opened its doors.  Its bold mission was to perfect the art of crafting the highest quality hardware.  Its passion was to transcend hardware, to produce art, heirlooms, and family treasures.  To this end we continuously develop new products in a variety of high-end styles and finishes.

Lew's Hardware Logo
With Lew's Hardware™, award-winning designer Lewis Dolin brings a world of experience – and a fresh look – to the decorative hardware market. Both the Bar and Barrel Series are simple geometric forms with a great deal of versatility in their application. His signature Glass Bin Pulls elegantly transform the classic cup-like bin pull, until now always made in metal. And form and function play off each other with the Level Pull. “I still do all my designing with basic tools — a ruler, triangle, and drafting pencil,” says Dolin. A combination ruler and level, here’s one pull with its own built-in measuring and balancing device

Michigan Naturals...  Starting with the beautiful stones handpicked from the shores of the Great Lakes, these rocks are created for durability as well as a stunning design element.  The solid brass stems are 100% made in the USA.  They are fashioned individually from recycled material, then tumbled with the stones, producing a softer, weathered look. 


Express your good taste with vintage-inspired solid brass and lead-free crystal cabinet hardware.  The timeless designs of Nostalgic Warehouse™ cabinet hardware have been popular for over a century.  Our old-fashioned crystal knobs and handles will transport you right back to Grandma’s kitchen.

Notting Hill Decorative Hardware was established by Kathy Dustman in 1996. Recognizing a void in the marketplace, she worked closely with a well-respected fine arts foundry to develop the initial designs. Her goal was to create a line of highly-decorative classic motifs, handcrafted in solid fine pewter and solid bronze with unmatched clarity of detail and outstanding depth of relief.  Notting Hill is a distinctive, high end line of hardware for cabinetry and furniture.  All Notting Hill products are hand-cast, made in the USA and are guaranteed for life against flaws in craftsmanship.  

Trend, design, innovation, tradition and selection... On our newly-designed and user friendly Decorative Hardware website section you will enjoy a selection of cabinet hardware in the widest offer of finishes, materials and design combinations. A voyage through our Collection will let you experience unique creations crafted by world renowned designers and manufactured according to strict quality guidelines.

Rocky Mountain Hardware is expertly crafted in American using only the finest art-grade bronze and precision-quality mechanisms that stand up to the test of time. Each piece is individually cast for one-of-a-kind character, and then given a hand-applied patina that grows richer and more lustrous in response to the environment. All products are cast of bronze certified to contain a minimum of 90% post-consumer recycled content and finished in our eco-friendly patina process to create the beautiful hues for which we are known. Our line includes door, cabinet, and window hardware, home accessories and much more.

Since 1985, RK International, Inc. has supplied high quality solid brass decorative builders hardware at extremely attractive prices, with a commitment to service that is an envy of the hardware industry. They offer a broad range of decorative hardware in ornate, contemporary, and other popular styles that fulfill any homeowner's tastes and requirements. RK International products are designed, fabricated, and finished by the best craftsmen in the world. Quality control is exercised at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Exquisite hardware including Traditional, French Country, Arts and Crafts, Tuscan and Art Deco designs cast from the finest base metals and accented with exotic inlays of  Tiger Penshell, Mother of Pearl, Violet Oyster, Jade and Leather.

Schwinn Logo
Even though the term " decorative hardware" is commonly used to describe the category that handles and knobs are supposed to belong to, they are far more than decorative.  Raymond Loewy, a great American Industrial Designer taught "it is worthwhile to pay attention to a very simple object." For over eight decades we have studied how fingers and hands-small and large, long nailed and thick, wet or oily - can quickly or slowly grab, touch, feel, pull, push, open and close drawers and doors, that are high, low, left or right.  At Schwinn we have done our best when a customer loves the furniture that was made better by our hardware.

Sea Stones bring the beauty of nature into homes, while still leaving our shores and forests unchanged.

We gather stones from private rivers and beaches, with permission. When a stone is collected, we want to make sure there will always be a replacement for future gatherers. So for each one harvested, a new stone (purchased from a quarry) is planted in the water. Over the years, the water tumbles the rough ‘seed’ into a smooth, rounded stone.

Let artistry and light infuse every space in your home with unique, handcrafted cabinet hardware from Sietto.

You won’t see or touch anything like our knobs and pulls anywhere else. Choose timeless, handmade beauty from any of Sietto’s lines, and elevate your décor from distinctive to one-of-a-kind.

Sietto hardware rejuvenates your cabinetry with brilliance, color and unmistakable feel.

Top Knobs
Top Knobs

Enduring craftsmanship...every cabinet knob, drawer pull, hook or fixture we make at Top Knobs is crafted following a rich tradition of quality and attention to architectural detail. You can feel it in the weight of our cabinet knobs and see it in the character of our hand-finished designs. Our completely sealed finishes ensure our knobs last for decades, so you don't see wear on the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls you use most. That's why we confidently offer an exclusive lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.

Top Knobs has a product line of over 3,000 kitchen, bath and closet knobs and drawer pulls to match your individual style and décor.  Quality, craftsmanship, longevity and selection - with Top Knobs, you spend wisely, instead of spending more.

Topex Hardware is an international company providing high quality decorative hardware products, European manufactured bath furniture vanities and Swarovski Crystal bath accessories. Topex cabinet hardware's design's fuse interesting forms with stunning finishes like stainless steel, antique brass, and wrought iron. Whether you are looking to complement a modern, euro, old world or traditional environment Topex cabinet knobs and pulls will provide that elegant finishing touch to your decor!
Winbornestudios Logo

Windborne Studios produces exclusive designs and one of a kind functional art that complements any room in your dwelling or business. Our unique artistic expression is evident in each individually handmade piece. From classic to quirky, Windborne Studios will add a stylish flair that is sure to excite the eye.

futuristic Hardware, Retro Hardware
Atlas Homewares - Angled Drop Pull and Knobs
Oval Cabinet Knobs, Round Cabinet Knobs
Atlas Homewares - Distressed Pulls and Knobs

Oversized Cabinet Pulls, Miniature Cabinet Knobs
Barz Decorative Hardware
Peter Barswzcz, Kitchen Cabinets
Barz Decorative Glass Hardware

Modern Cabinet Hardware, Organic Cabinet Hardware
Belwith Keeler - Sadrine Collection
Glass Cabinet Hardware, Crystal Cabinet Hardware
Belwith Keeler - Chrysalis
Natural Marble Knobs and pulls
Cal Crystal - German Crystal Knobs
Vintage Brass Knobs, Polyester Knobs
Cal Crystal - Art Glass, Corian, Brass Collection Knobs

Satin Nickel, Antique Brass, Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Du Verre - Wave Collection
Duverre Rio Collection
Duverre Rio Collection by Gina Lubin

Crystalized with Swarovski
Edgar Berebi - Flora & Fauna Collection
Edgar Berebi Swarovski Collections
Edgar Berebi - American Made Fine Swarovski Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen and Bath Knobs and Pulls
Emtek - Arch and Trail Pulls and Knobs
Twisted Round Cabinet Knob
Emtek - Tuscany Bronze

Chartreuse, Turquoise, Unique Cabinet Knobs
Grace White Glass - Springtime Collection
Frosted Clear, Rectangular, White Cabinet Pulls
Grace White Glass - Frost on Ice 4
Bold and Bright , Multi Color, Organic
Grace White Glass - Colorforms D Knobs and Pulls

Variety of finishes to suit any decor
Hamilton Sinkler - Cabinet Knob Collections
update any kitchen or bath
Hamilton Sinkler - Cabinet Knob Collections Polished Chrome

Extended Lengths, Ageless Iron, Stainless Steel
Hickory Hardware - The Bar Pull Collection
Rustic Hardware, Industrial Design, Imitating Salvaged Elements
Hickory Hardware - The Pipeline Collection
Polished Brass, pair with any motif
Hickory Hardware - The Crystal Palace Collection made of Crysacrylic
Appliance Pull, Distressed Pewter
Jeffrey Alexander - Cordova Collection
Fleur-de-lis Cabinet Knob
Jeffrey Alexander - Lafayette Collection
Cabinet Bar Pull - Brushed Gold
Jeffrey Alexander - Key Grande Collection
Antique jewelry motifs
Keeler - Anatolia Pulls - Antique jewelry motifs
Renaissance Classic Decor
Keeler - Acanthus - Classic Greek Motifs

Finish Options
Lew's Hardware - Melon Glass Knobs Hand-Poured Glass/Solid Brass
Lewis Dolin Hardware
Lew's Hardware - Brushed Brass Square Bar Series
Glass color options
Lew's Hardware Glass Bin Pulls Hand-Poured Glass/Die-Cast Zinc
Natural Stone Cabinet Hardware
Michigan Naturals - Great Lakes Stone
Rock Knobs
Michigan Naturals - Hand Picked from the shores of the Great Lakes
Michigan Naturals Assorted Colors
Michigan Naturals - Mountain Midnight, Harvest Sunset, Forest Floor, Winter Morning, and Sunrise Parfait
knobs, rosettes, cup pulls, and bar pulls
Nostalgic Warehouse - Brass Cabinet Hardware
Old-Fashioned Knobs, Frosted Cup Pull, Waldorf Crystal Cabinet Knob Chateau Cabinet Knob
Nostalgic Warehouse Crystal Cabinet Hardware
Decorative Knobs and Pulls
Notting Hill - Oak Leaf - Brass, Copper, Pewter, Hand Tinted Brass
Notting Hill Queensway Knobs, Pulls and Backplates
Notting HIll - Kings Road Collection featuring Queensway Knob, Pull and Backplate in Antique Pewter, Dark Brass and Satin 24K Gold

Children Cabinet Knobs and Pulls
Richelieu - Eclectic Plastic Knobs and Pulls
Richelieu Industrial Cabinet Hardware
Richelieu Industrial Metal Collection in Brushed Metallic Red, Black and Iron
Bronze Industrial Cabinet Knobs
Richelieu - Eclectic Wrought Iron Knobs

Edge Collection, Cast glass knob, assorted bronze patina finishes
Rocky Mountain Hardware -Edge Collection cabinet hardware and Cast Glass Knob all shown in assorted bronze patina finishes.
White Bronze Lite-
Rocky Mountain Hardware - Ore Cabinet Lever, Pull and Knob
Silicon Bronze Light
Rocky Mountain Hardware - Zeppelin Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

Cabinet Pulls and Knobs
RK International - Rope Bow Pull
distressed copper
RKI International - Mushroom Knobs
RKI Cabinet Hardware Knobs and Pulls
RKI Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze Collections

Turtles, Woodpecker, Butterfly, Dragon Fly, Frogs, Seahorse
Schaub Nature Collection
Solid Brass, Fish Pull
Schaub - Mother of Pearl Collection
Win Bottles, Grapes, Grape Vines
Schaub Wine Themes Cabinet Hardware

Schwinn Matt Black Cabinet Hardware
Schwinn Railing Pins Pulls
Schwinn Decorative Cabinet and Furniture Hardware
LEED certified Modern German Zamak and Stainless Steel Schwinn Hardware

Natural Character
Sea-Stone Serena Cabinet and Drawer Knobs
Sea Stones Natural Cabinet Hardware
Sea Stones Serena Cabinet Knobs Made in New England
Sea-Stone Cabinet and Drawer Knobs

American Made Sietto Glass Hardware
Sietto Hand Crafted Glacier Collection Glass Hardware Made in Chicago
Affinity, Adjustable, Skyline, Glacier, Geometric, Bandwidth, Reflective, Texture, Hexagon
Sietto Handcrafted Cabinet Hardware

Top Knobs - Aspen II Collection - Old World Style
Top Knobs Mercer Quilted Collection

Topex Crystal Collection
Topex Italian Design Collections
Topex Italian European Collection
Windborne Studio Glass Inlay
Windborne Studios Pearl Collection