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Most often the common Sliding Glass Door or French Door are thought of as the only options for Patio Doors.  Actually, technological advances and forward thinking have produced unbelievable options.  Take a look at a few of the possibilities.   


Pivot Doors                                    Stacking Doors                                 Folding Doors

Dutch Doors                                   French Doors                                    Lift Slide Doors

Bi-fold Doors                                 Tilt Slide Doors                                  Modular Doors

Gliding Doors                                Corner Doors                                     Swing Doors

Hinged Doors                                Double Hinged Doors                      Center Hinged Doors

Full Lite Patio Doors                     ¾ Lite Patio Doors                           1/2 Lite Patio Doors

Bronze Sliding Door
Corner Door
La Cantina Folding Door
Folding Door
Solar Innovations Pivot Patio Door
Pivot Door
Solar Innovations Folding Patio Door
Folding Door

 As you continue to scroll down this page, you will note a short description and picture beside each company’s logo. If you can't find what you are looking for or you have something specific in mind, Please Contact Us, and we'll work with you, your designer or contractor to bring your vision to life. 

CWS Patio Doors

Recognizing the demand for an energy efficient window, CWS was the first window manufacturer in Florida to obtain an Energy Star® rating from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC.) Having a window that is energy efficient and engineered to meet high design pressures, has separated our product from the traditional windows being offered for the past 30 years. Cardinal LG is located next door to CWS which gives us a very unique position for glass supply. Using Cardinal LoE̅ glass and Cardinal laminated glass in our windows and doors has proven to be a superior combination for both supply and quality of product

Eurocraft Glass Patio Doors
Eurocraft industries is now building one of the most feature-filled doors in the industry. All of our doors are manufactured from the very best UPVC material available. They’ll simply outlast any wood door made. And unlike wood doors, they’ll never rot, swell, twist or warp in their frames. They’ll also never need to be painted.With six to eleven locking points on each door (custom doors may have even more), our doors are some of the safest ever designed. Like our windows, they are nearly burglar proof. They are also designed to withstand hurricane strength winds and have passed the stringent Dade County Impact Test.

LaCantina Folding Doors
LaCantina Doors is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing folding door systems.  La Cantina Doors create dramatically expanded interiors filled with natural light and open air.  Custom made in the U.S. La Cantina Doors feature narrrower aluminum stiles and more glass. Dedicated to creating products that open spaces, our product line includes a new class of multi slide door system and complete range of swing doors.  LaCantina Doors offer the most popular opening sizes of 9’, 12’, 15’ and 18’ wide, and 7’ and 8’ tall, as Standard Systems. Sill options and custom colors are also available with Standard Systems. Whether for a small or large opening we can manufacture to your exact size or design requirements. Systems can be built based on either the opening size or your desired panel size. 

Our advanced door design protects every Neuma Door Patio Door System from water infiltration on all sides, which prevents warping, delamination, rotting and the development of mold and mildew.  The industry-unique quality of Neuma Doors is guaranteed by 15 technical patents, which ensure our position as an industry leader in design, manufacturing and the fabrication of fiberglass patio door systems for the foreseeable future. We continually strive to give homeowners a product that will offer the look and feel to complement today’s sophisticated home designs, as well as staying well ahead of the industry in design innovations, the adoption of new materials and advanced production techniques that will keep us on the leading edge of our industry.

PGT Sliding Glass Doors

Doors can do much more than beautify a home.  Doors from PGT® can lower energy costs, reduce noise, filter out 99% of UV rays that cause fading to drapes and furniture, as well as provide 24/7 intruder and hurricane protection.  Our doors are available with aluminum and vinyl frames, non-impact and impact-resistant glass, and many other options to meet your needs. Be sure to check out our custom windows as well.

Signature Doors Folding Door
With precision-made hardware and quality solid wood doors that operate at the touch of a finger, indoors and outdoors become one. This system achieves superior rain and wind resistance up to 50 times better than a traditional sliding door system. Open up that room to the gentle breezes on nice days and shut out the elements completely on those nasty days.

Simonton has manufacturing facilities in Pennsboro, Harrisville and Ellenboro, West Virginia, Paris, Illinois and Vacaville, California. Simonton now offers many distinct lines of vinyl retrofit and new construction windows and doors, including ENERGY STAR® compliant products, and even a full line of impact-resistant windows and doors designed for coastal applications. 

Solar Innovations, Inc. has continued to expand and introduce new products including the Monster Wall, a Photovoltaic racking system and clamps, and Swinging Stacking doors (a folding glass wall product) so far in 2012.   The International Window system with Universal adaptor has also been released making nearly any combination of windows and doors a reality.  An impressive growth rate of no less than 25% per year has been constant since Solar’s inception. Solar Innovations, Inc. has maintained its focus to serve its customers to the best of its ability and with its ever strengthening team will continue to lead the way in the design, production and distribution of innovative glazed products for the foreseeable future

Therma-Tru patio door systems offer the same quality, beauty and durability found in our entry doors. All Therma-Tru hinged, or french, and sliding patio door systems are backed by full-system limited warranties.  Even after 25 years, fiberglass remains the most advanced material for entryways — able to satisfy both today’s and tomorrow’s homeowners by giving them the look of wood doors and the strength of steel doors, without the compromises of either. In fact, fiberglass doors offer the optimum combination of security, energy efficiency, performance and aesthetics. Therma-Tru not only pioneered the fiberglass door category but we continue to lead the industry.

Window Craftsmen Sliding Glass Door
Our all-purpose doors were designed to offer the greatest number of size and configuration options while still meeting very substantial wind loads. The two-, three-, and four-track main frames will accommodate a variety of by-passing or center-meeting arrangements as well as heavy-duty box screens that utilize the same rollers as the door panels.

Custom Window Systems Slider
CWS Bronze Pocket Sliding Glass Door

EuroCraft Door
Euro Craft Patio Door

La Cantina Folding Door
La Cantina Folding Door

Nuema 3/4 Lite Hinged Patio Door
Neuma 3/4 Lite Hinged Patio Door

PGT Winguard Sliding Glass Door
PGT WinGuard Vinyl Sliding Glass Door






Signature Door Folding Door
Signature Doors Bifolding Door System

Simonton Sliding Glass Door
Simonton 15-Lite Sliding Patio Door

Solar Innovations Pivot Door
Solar Innovations Pivot Door

Thermatru Classic Craft Hinged Mahogany Patio Door
Thermatru Classic Craft Hinged Fiberglass Mahogany Patio Door

Window Crafstmen Slider
Window Craftsmen 12-lite Aluminum Sliding Glass Door