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Door Glass

Change the look of your front entry or patio doors with door glass.  Choose from Decorative Door Glass, Clear Door Glass or Doorglass Blinds.  Enjoy protection from the elements with Hurricane Impact Rated Doorglass, Low E Coating for increased energy efficiency, and additional sound suppression while enhancing your view.

Decorative Door Glass

  • Numerous Sizes to Choose From: One Lite, 1/4 Lite, Half Lite, 3/4 Lite, Full Lite - Sunburst, Center Arch, Craftsmen - 3/4 Oval, Full Oval - 1/2 Round, Full Round
  • Custom Sizes, Colors, Patterns and Caming Available
  • Select Matching Sidelights and Transoms

Clear Door Glass

  • Tinted or Textured Doorglass Optional
  • Accentuate with Simulated Divided Lites (SDL's), Internal Grilles (Grille between Glass) or External Grilles 
  • Pet Door Panel Inserts Available
  • Ventlights Available

Doorglass Blinds - Control Light and Privacy

  • Enclosed or Add-On

Kenyon's Logo
  • In-house design capabilities. Tell us what you want!
  • Many of our own decorative glass designs to choose from or you can customize any of our designs to your liking.
  • Decorative glass for building products in our specialty; glass for transoms, glass for steel or fiberglass doors, glass for wood doors, windows, and cabinets.
  • Warm edge technology is stand on many insulated decorative glass units.
  • Low-E glass is an option please request Low-E glass for your insulated unit.
  • Variety of standard caming options available.
  • Kenyon exclusive no rattle decorative glass construction for camed glass, which is achieved by gluing the glass panels into the caming.
  • All Decorative glass is made in the USA.
  • We also sell frames for decorative glass installed into steel or fiberglass door.

From grandiose camed designs to elegant etched privacy glass, our decorative doorglass is engineered and crafted to be exactly what your home needs. 

RSL developed a manufacturing process that makes our doorglass, sidelights and transoms the best in our industry. All of our products have a lifetime warranty on both frames and glass. We ensure that our frames are maintenance free and do not require painting or staining; our insulated blinds, decorative doorglass, and energy efficient commodity doorglass are also guaranteed for exceptional reliability and are thermally sealed for a lifetime of use. Our production team takes enormous pride in maintaining this unrivalled product quality and treat each product as if it was being made for use in their own home.

The Limited Edition
we provide cut glass, tempered glass, wrought iron, melted glass, beveled glass, polished glass, textured glass and laminated glass.  We are Dade County and Florida Impact Approved for the last 12 years

Vetrilite Glass Door logo
Vetrilite’s proprietary process was created over a one-year span of Research & Development by combining proprietary software, digital imaging and 3d technology to create a unique fully customizable art glass laminate.
Vetrilite overlay art glass laminate is applied over any type of glass. Your imagination is your only limitation. Vetrilite can be used for doors, windows, and any other type of glass panels. We can create designs with different types of textures with or without color for projects big and small. Samples located in our showroom at Capital Millwork.

Western Reflection
Western Reflections offers a wide range of doorglass and frames for steel or fiberglass exterior doors. Choose from a variety of beautiful decorative doorglass designs; clear glass with or without grilles; enclosed blinds between glass; and severe weather doorglass options. All Western Reflections doorglass products feature tempered safety glass, weather- and moisture-resistant construction, and durable, low-maintenance frames.

Glass Panels, custom glass design
Kenyon Glass - New Wave Custom Sandblast Panel
Door Glass, Window Glass
Kenyon Glass - Elite With Custom Address Transcom

Design Glass, Celtic Knot Pattern
ODL Tierna W/ Celtic Knot Pattern
Bevel Glass, Entry Door
ODL Patina Finish with Handcrafted Textured Glass

RSL Lotus Door Window
RSL Lotus Door Window
Wrought Iron with Door Glass
RSL Willow Silver Wrought Iron Door Glass

Decorative Glass and Caming Options
The Limited Edition - Capri - Door Glass and Cami Options
Iron work with Glass for Door
The Limited Edition - Melted Glass - Palm Tree

Decorative Glass
Vetrilite Window Design
Multiple textures and patterns
Vetrilite Bathroom Design
Custom Design and Logos
Vetrilite Entry Way Design

Western Reflections Pembrook Decorative Door Glass
Western Reflections Pembrook Decorative Door Glass
doorlites, sidelites, and transoms feature tempered safety glass
Western Reflections - Tempered Glass